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Hello everyone:

I am pleased to announce that beginning Monday, April 6, at 9:00 pm Mountain Time, (11pm EST), I will be broadcasting live for 2 hours on Truth Radio Network

The program will be a nightly program, Monday thru Friday, with a call-in format.  Topics will be as varied as life is varied.  We will discuss the issues in the daily events of our country, politics, economics, legal issues, etc. 

I look forward to talking to you directly each night.  You can join us nightly at

I am excited about this opportunity to talk directly with you and share with a wide range of people on a nightly basis.  --  Sam

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“Agree with your adversary quickly, while you are in the way, (before you go to court), with him, lest at any time the adversary deliver you to the judge, and the judge deliver you to the officer, and you be cast into prison. Truly I say to you, you will not come out of there until you have paid your last penny.”
(Matthew 5:25-26)
WELCOME . . . . .

We begin with the admonition to "Agree with your adversary."

"Status Is Freedom" has been developed in a continuing effort to educate individuals seeking truth to understand this Scriptural premise in today’s society and to do so in a manner which treats all men and women with the utmost respect, with a love of self and country, and what we were taught that this Country stood for.

ABOUT US . . . . .

We believe that all men were created equal under the law and that NO man is above the law. We believe in and practice Public Policy. We are pro-government and self reliant, with a belief that each and every man and woman has their own unique responsibility to their fellow man and their Creator to STAND FOR TRUTH, whatever that truth may be, or wherever that truth may lead.

We study the principles of the law and attempt to understand and apply them individually to each of our lives as necessary. We do not believe in re-presentation, nor do we practice it in any way. We attempt to give you, the reader, seeker, and participant, the information we believe necessary for you to make  more informed decisions as to how to approach the different situations that one finds in life’s confrontations.

Above all we strive to be the good and faithful Stewards of the responsibilities that we believe our Creator has ordained: to seek, find, and speak the truth; the truth that sets us free.

Welcome again, and please feel free to learn all you can.

“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all your getting, get understanding.”
(Proverbs 4:7)

Quotes from Ayn Rand's, "Atlas Shrugged", 1957
When you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing -
When you see that money is flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors -
When you see that men get richer by graft and by pull than by work, and your laws don’t protect you against them, but protect them against you -
When you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice -
You may know that your society is doomed."

There's no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren't enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws. Who wants a nation of law-abiding citizens? What's there in that for anyone? But just pass the kind of laws that can neither be observed nor enforced nor objectively interpreted- and you create a nation of law-breakers - and then you cash in on guilt. Now, that's the system, Mr. Rearden, that's the game, and once you understand it, you'll be much easier to deal with."© Copyright 2007-2010  All rights reserved. Revised: 08/23/09

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