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   *  Birth (berth) Certificates | 50 million children | 12 usc 411.pdf

   * Public Policy / Law
     Contracts Payable in Gold - added 05-07-09
     Legitimate Issues: Where is the Note - added 04-07-09
     Ratification of Commencement
     Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. v. Byrd (Ohio 2008)
     HJR-192-With Explanation.rtf
     31 U.S.C. § 5118
     senate bill 4412.rtf

   * Historical
     Contract Between the King and the Thirteen United States of North America
     Teddy Roosevelt Jamestown Exposition.doc

   * Books
     What Does Accepted for Value Mean - added 8-18-08
     Judges Book - Common Law: want to know what "they" are thinking? -
     (be patient, this one is over 2 mb)
     Two Faces of Debt.pdf
     Modern Money Mechanics.pdf
     George Mercier - Invisible Contracts

   * Articles
     Credit Relief for the States: The Minnesota Transportation Act and the Bank
     of North Dakota - by Ellen Brown
     A Historical Perspective on Money.pdf

   * Cases
     Affidavit of Walker Todd pdf file - updated 5-22-09

   * Other
     95 pages of redemption.PDF
     Oath of Office brief.pdf

   * Miscellaneous
     judith Weizner.doc
     wizard of oz.doc

   * Videos
     Collateralizing America - A 30 minute video interview done in 2001 as an
     overview of the collateralization of the people of America. This is a good
     review of the basics without spending a lot of time. 
     Click here for DVD ordering information.

     Debt Storm Shelter - Welcome and Introduction - A 23 minute video
     introduction to the "Education in Commercial Remedies" seminar. 
     Click here for complete description and DVD ordering information.