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To the People on the Land in America

   Last Thursday morning federal agents of the FBI, IRS, BATF and others unknown, conducted a 2 state raid and arrest sweep in what was apparently the culmination of a 3 + year entrapment operation focused in Las Vegas, Nevada against Sam Davis, Shawn Rice, Jan Lindsey and Harold Call.  Searches were conducted at the office of a lady in Las Vegas with approximately 25 members of these forces with automatic weapons and the media for approximately 5 ½ hours.  In Idaho, Mr. Davis’ home was assaulted by another 25 agents in a swat team, again with automatic weapons, smoke bombs or something like smoke bombs, and NO WARRANT, for approximately 4 hours.  These agents finally handed Mrs. Davis a search warrant as they were leaving having loaded up Mrs. Davis’ computer and a few boxes of research documents at the home.  This particular group of paramilitary forces was led by an FBI agent who, according to her title was “WMD COORDINATOR, JOINT TERRORISM TASK FORCE”.  This group is aptly named as they were carrying out their mission, (the TASK FORCE JOINTLY TERRORIZED my wife and home).

   Everyone needs to know that all of the people spoken of above are fine.  With the exception of a couple of the individuals arrested in Nevada, everyone was treated very well after the initial assaults.  I will not go into individual events or circumstances other than my wife and my own experiences.  I am also writing to create a record of what really happened as opposed to the news reports and other “sensationalizings” of these events as we have all been characterized as “anti-government” and domestic terrorists.  Freedom in America is fading fast ladies and gentlemen.

   As I have contemplated these events and things that were said to my wife and myself by these agents, I am dumbfounded by the lengths to which the government will go to silence anyone who tries to tell the truth.  As to the charges against me, I will just say this, I trust everyone, when someone comes into my circle of people, I take them at face value.  When they express concern, support, tell me of problems, wants or needs, I do my very best to assist in any way that I can, always have, always will.  It seems absolutely implausible to me that for all the “horrible things” that I have apparently done or said, the government had to work for 3 years, spend thousands of dollars and place at least 2 “undercover” in my path to do “business” and then entrap me.  I made some mistakes and lapses in judgments, no question.  But nothing will deter me from proclaiming entrapment and moving forward to expose the absolute corruption of the government, judicial system and the real enemy, the banking system.

   Over the next few days, weeks, months and even years, each of us are going to have to decide what we are going to do as individuals in this country.  More and more people are waking up, but will it be too late?  As I was transported from the detention center to the courthouse last Friday morning, down a prominent street in Las Vegas, we came to a section of road that was lined with tents, cardboard boxes, etc., that FAMILIES were living in, on both sides of the road, down the intersecting side streets, all in sight of the billion dollar casinos.  Why? Very simply, because they believe that they borrowed the bank’s money.  A very interesting statement/question was posed last night on a call that I was on, and I will repeat it here:  “if the bank owns the note/property that is foreclosed, why does the bank have to bid at the foreclosure sale”?  What a brilliant question and this is the absolute heart of the matter.  The government/banks do not want the truth of what they have done out in the open and that is what all of us are doing, exposing the exact problem and offering solutions.  The solution in my mind the last 10 years has been the phrase:  “accepted for value.”  What is it about those 3 little words that strikes terror in the heart of the system?  That is the real question.  In my entire public life, speaking engagements, etc., no one has ever heard me speak of overthrowing the government, taking up arms, not filing a tax return or any of the other “terrible” things that I am alleged to be involved with.  What is it about acceptance and NO CONTROVERSY that brings the wrath of the system to bear?  A retired federal judge, in early 2001, relayed a message to me and I quote:  “get on the commercial superhighway and don’t ever get off.”  I have not ever gotten off that highway and with God’s strength, will remain steadfast.

   In closing, I want to make this appeal to all who read this:  The lady in Las Vegas who was “raided” now has to move, she has been evicted for her beliefs and her embarrassing her landlord.  She has to find a new place to run her little print shop.  To get a new office is going to cost her about 5,000, just to get the office space, moving won’t cost much because she has so many friends to assist her, what she needs is some financial help.  We held meetings in her shop, and as many of you who have ever attended know, she never charged anyone to attend.  For years she has asked a 20 per day donation, but if you did not have 20, and you wanted to attend, you attended, it was not about the money.  (There is no money)  She and her husband fed the group time after time in family type potlucks there at the office and she always went out of her way to make everyone comfortable and everything work so that your experience at our meetings was worth attending.  Now, she needs all of our help so that she can stay in business.  Further, in the “raid” on my home, my entire inventory of DVD’s was taken by the government agents, I hope they watch, listen, and learn, but, they have put me out of business until next week when my new order is finished.  I ask those of you that I still owe DVD’s to, to please be patient, again, while we work through this.  I am asking everyone to do some things to alleviate these issues an spread the word, send this email to your mailing list, make it go around the world, encourage everyone to get a set of DVD’s, listen to the call that is or will be posted on our websites and if you want, post it on your websites if you have one.  When it comes to our friend in Las Vegas, either assist her directly, or, go to my website and purchase a set of DVD’s, either Orlando or Las Vegas, and I will take care of her.  I was going to sell the DVD’s for 195 but I am going to have them available for 125.  If everyone that reads this would buy a set of DVD’s and tell one or two more people to buy a set of DVD’s, and so on, we will not only be able to function and survive, but we will survive and thrive in moving the message forward.  I am telling all of you reading this right now, the battle is here, no one who does what we do is immune and we have a choice to make, immediately.  Either we believe and act, or we standby and watch as each of us around the country is “rounded up” for our beliefs and put away or worse.  The choice is up to each of you.  Now is the time to stand.  May our Heavenly Father have mercy on our souls and our country, Amen.

                                                  Sam Davis
                           Status is Freedom, and don’t forget it!!!!

   P.S. To listen to a conference call covering the raid/arrest, please visit my website and click on the link, which is located on the main page: or the RESOURCES page:

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